Transitional Doctorate Programs

Partnering with International Universities for a Common Goal

Advancing a profession to a doctoring degree requires resources. Time, faculty, technology, insight. Bringing these items together to promote change is difficult. Rehab Essentials has over 10 years in promoting change in the education of health professionals to the doctoring level. We have worked with multiple American universities to successfully implement, administer, and coordinate transitional doctorate degrees. Our curricular programs add value to both the university and the health professional without sacrificing quality.

An All-Encompassing Educational Model

Our curricular model addresses every aspect of a transitional program that aims to accomplish multiple goals.

  • Cost-effective
  • Serve the community
  • Improve alumni networks
  • Enhance university offerings
  • Raise awareness

By partnering with Rehab Essentials, we will analyze the content needed to implement a transitional program to the doctoring level based on current academic standards. We will work closely with your local representatives to determine the best outcomes for students and the university while being mindful of budgetary and resource concerns.