Course Description

Professionalism the Doctoring Profession

This course has been designed to provide the clinical doctoral learner with the opportunity for examination and discussion of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities inherent in doctoral level occupational therapy practice. Themes of this course include cultural responsiveness, interprofessionalism, and analysis of how the profession’s values and beliefs have evolved over time. Speakers represent a variety of practice areas, education, research and leadership. Doctoral learners will contribute their own unique and varying professional experiences to the dialogue as we discuss ways to enhance occupational therapy and maximize participation at both individual and societal levels. Thus, it is hoped that together, learners and faculty will engage in a broad sharing of perspectives related to promoting professional development and advancement of occupational therapy.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will:

  • Envision and articulate their potential contributions to doctoral occupational therapy practice in terms of personal and professional strengths, interests, and goals.
  • Evaluate the professional values and beliefs, described in AOTA’s Values and Beliefs series, as well as distinguish the ways values and beliefs have changed or remain unchanged through time periods and contexts.
  • Discuss strategies for the development and maintenance of expert practice and leadership; relate these skills to their career goals.
  • Discuss AOTA’s Vision statement and initiatives to promote occupational therapy and societal health.
  • Discuss the current and emerging competencies and contemporary issues, including – but not limited to -cultural responsiveness and telehealth, that will be required of occupational therapists in a variety of practice settings.