Course Description

Teaching and Learning: Continuum of Education

  This course encompasses the planning, conducting, and assessment of outcomes for teaching knowledge and skills to a variety of learners (professionals and lay people). To be an effective teacher we must develop an understanding of learning theories, assessment, instructional methods and activities, and course design which produces significant learning experiences. Course design illustrates teaching and learning practices grounded in andragogy, contributing to curriculum program development and the enhancement of student teaching skills. Students will: (1) examine teaching and learning theories, (2) explore adult learning principles (andragogy), (3) consider the influence of culture and context, and (4) learn to create significant learning experiences and design a course that promotes student engagement and improves learning.  


To examine and apply teaching and adult learning theories and principles in the delivery of education as needed in teaching programs, professional workshops, and research presentations specific to occupational therapy knowledge and skills.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

  • Utilize teaching and learning theories, and adult learning principles in the teaching-learning and course design process.
  • Apply effective adult learning principles using evidence-based educational methods to design experiences for the client, classroom, and/or community.
  • Illustrate teaching and learning practices grounded in andragogy, leading to curriculum program development (course design).
  • Evaluate personal learning styles, bias and the impact these have on teaching, and create appropriate teaching strategies for significant learning based upon learning styles, bias, and context.
  • Determine what content, when to cover the content and how to evaluate content knowledge alignment.