Full Course Description

This course will provide the PT clinical doctoral learner strategies for incorporating evidence based practice and utilization of knowledge learned in previous courses for the management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Incorporation of best evidence and clinical reasoning will be stressed for persons with lumbo – pelvic dysfunction in a contemporary, professional clinical practice as well as the inpatient hospital setting.


  • Critically evaluate primary sources of evidence on prognosis for recovery and functional outcome for patients with lumbo-pelvic dysfunction and integrate the results into case-based clinical decision-making model.
  • Critically evaluate sources of evidence on standardized tests and measures; demonstrate integration of information on sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratio and Bayes’ theorem into clinical decision-making for a case of a patient with lumbar conditions.
  • Critically evaluate primary and integrative (systematic review) sources of clinical evidence on therapeutic interventions for persons with musculoskeletal health conditions; demonstrate integration of information obtained from intervention studies to management of the individual patient.
  • Describe theories of benefits of manipulation for patients with spinal dysfunction.