Uncategorized 27 May 2022
Getting the Most Out of Your ppOTD Experience
By Adrienne Lauer, EdD, OTL | May 27, 2022   The secret to getting the most out of your post professional advanced degree is making everything you are learning relevant and relatable to you and your specific professional context. 
Uncategorized 16 December 2020
5 Things to Consider Before Teaching Occupational Therapy
By Adrienne Lauer, EdD, OTL | December 16, 2020   If you’re interested in teaching entry-level students in occupational therapy programs, you’ll have plenty of job choices.
News 01 October 2019
Informal Dance Intervention Improves BMI and Functional Gait in an Adolescent With Cerebral Palsy
by Meghan Owens &
advisor Debbie Silkwood-Shere
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News 02 August 2011
Developing A Business Plan for Your Practice
By Michael Jaworski PT, MBA, MHS
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