Tuition, Fees, & Course Sequence

Tuition & Course Sequence

The tuition for this 30-credit tDPT program, is $14,550, or $485 per credit.

Semester Semester Dates Credit hours Tuition Courses
Semester 1 Aug - Dec 6 $2,910 Advanced Occupational Therapy Theory, Concepts, and Application
Professional Ethical Reasoning
Semester 2 Jan - Apr 7 $3,395 Evidence-Based Practice Methods and Application
Methods of Evaluation in Occupational Therapy Practice
Semester 3 Apr/May - Aug 6 $2,910 Prevention, Health, and Disability
Outcomes Measurement and Assessment
Semester 4 Aug- Dec 5 $2,425 Personal Leadership for the Health Professional: Essentials to Transform Practice
tOTD Capstone I
Professionalism: The Doctoring Profession
Semester 5 Jan - Apr 6 $2,910 Teaching and Learning: Continuum of Education
tOTD Capstone II


The following one-time fees also apply (non-refundable):

Application Fee $50 (one-time, non-refundable fee)
Graduation Fee TBD
Proctoring Fee $175 ($35 per semester)
Total Fees $225