Full Course Description

This course will provide a general understanding of the primary drug classes and the physiologic basis of their action.  Drugs will be grouped according to their general effects and the type of disorders they are routinely used to treat.  Special emphasis will be placed on drugs that are commonly used to treat people receiving physical therapy.  This course will likewise address how drug therapy interacts with physical therapy, and how drugs can exert beneficial effects as well as adverse side effects that impact on rehabilitation.


Upon successful completion of this content area, the therapist will:

  • Distinguish between a drug’s chemical, generic, and trade names.
  • Articulate how each drug is created and used clinically.
  • Distinguish between the primary steps involved in FDA drug testing and approval.
  • Deduce how drug approval may impact patients receiving physical rehabilitation.
  • Articulate primary pharmacokinetic principles.
  • Distinguish how drug effects may be influenced by their administration, absorption, distribution, storage, and metabolism in the human body.
  • Articulate specific factors that may alter normal drug kinetics.
  • Compare the primary ways pharmacokinetic principles impact patients receiving physical rehabilitation.