Gillian Rai


Dr Rai has over 20 years of combined national and international experience as an Occupational Therapist (OT), educator, consultant, coach and speaker. Dr Rai is committed and dedicated to developing inclusive policies and programs in diverse and multicultural settings, empowering individuals and families with disabilities. She is the founder of SubLime Living a holistic Occupational Therapy practice, NYU adjunct professor, Commissioner DC Health and Licensing Regulation Board of OT, and former Director of the GWU Post Professional Doctoral Occupational Therapy program.

Dr Rai through her roles has provided disability and rehabilitation technical advice to Governments, The World Bank, a United Nations agency, and international non-governmental organizations. She has also worked with and low and middle-income countries such as Ghana and South Africa respectively, and volunteers with organizations such as the Occupational Therapy African Regional Congress (OTARG), the American OT Association (AOTA), the Saudi Arabia OT Association (SOTA) and the World Federation of OT (WFOT).

Her research interests are the impact of the environment and its effects on participation and quality of life, coaching and family centered care.

Available Courses CEUs University Licensing tDPT- BS tDPT- MS
Evidence-Based Practice Methods and Application

Available Courses

Evidence-Based Practice Methods and Application